Subespecialties @ Auna

Developing subspecialties feature in Auna App 1.0.

Subespecialties @ Auna

Project details

Project Date
Jun 7, 2021

About the project

More than a year and a half into the conceptualization and construction of the Auna App 1.0, it was time to be able to complement some of the gaps that the patient and doctor found in our platform.

After several rounds of research, we realized that within the patient journey at Auna there was a recurring pain: not knowing if the specialist I choose is the right one for my use case.

However, we decided to carry out a complementary exploration with our medical staff and the result on this point was impressive: Auna's medical staff wanted to differentiate themselves in some areas of care in order to receive the correct patients that correspond to their lines of expertise beyond the generalist approach.

Project execution

The approach we took to solve this challenge involved a national/international benchmark, co-creation sessions with medical staff and patients, and 3 prototypes to do user testing and from there, understand what a possible MVP solution was and measure other releases over time. time that complemented our proposal of subspecialties.

As a result of this research and prototyping, we decided to break the structure of our scheduling and offer our patients options in civil and much friendlier language that would not intimidate them when interacting with an official but little-known concept such as subspecialties.

This also went hand in hand with what the doctors felt was correct at the medical and service level so as not to be so disruptive with the business model that they maintain around expertise and prestige within their line of work. For this, we had to prioritize the specialties with more subspecialties and make a general sweep of all the subspecialties and the base understanding that the terminology generated.

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