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Project details

Project Date
Jan 8, 0202

About the project

With an overwhelmed healthcare system and the need to keep taking care of peruvians health beyond COVID19, we found the perfect drive to design a new venture based on Intercorp’s competitive advantage: permeability in all Peru´s region because IC foot print.

In May 2021, we launched Alivia, a low cost, end-to-end digital health experience for the Peruvian middle class.

By the beginning of our MVP phase, based on patients’ feedback, we quickly understood that the main differentiator in our proposal arouse around level of confidence in our medical staff.

Project execution

Our approach was to do a qualitative and quantitative research around the collection of information during the scheduling stage and how this affected the conversion and perception of our users about our services and medical staff.

At the same time, we immersed ourselves in various co-creation sessions with our medical staff from the Pediatrics and Nutrition specialties, to understand what information they felt was relevant to collect prior to an appointment, to start devising possible triage structures and finally to build Clinical Histories that will collect this information and optimize the patient's anamnesis times during the teleconsultation.

In this sense, we managed to create three artifacts around the triage, clinical history and post-consultation summary of the nutrition specialty that reduced the consultation time, but increased the perception of trust in the staff and service because it was felt that they did not it was just to fill in information without further use, but to increase my doctor's understanding of my health history and have a better diagnosis and treatment.

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